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usker May 3, 2007 00:37

Setting Chemical Reaction
Hello all. I use Reaction Type:Unpremixed/Diffusion, Reaction Model:EBU LATCT, for diesel combustion. Is it possible to specify the reaction in this representation: C12H26+18.5(O2+3.76N2)->12CO2+13H2O+69.56N2. I am trying it, but in output window it says stoichiometeric check okay for chemical reaction. But it also gives an error: ERROR PARSING CHEMICAL REACTION STRING: C12H26+18.5(O2+3.76N2)->12CO2+13H2O+69.56N2.

Klaas Klever May 3, 2007 06:11

Re: Setting Chemical Reaction
Try it without the brackets in rct. equation.

hkoten April 29, 2009 09:21

can I use EBU models for diesel combustion
I am running but temperatures arent increasing ~1000K

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