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Raghu May 20, 2007 21:37

Compilation error with uparm.f

I am trying to run tutorial 11 from star-CD version 3.2. when i give the star command in the main terminal i am getting the below error message.

I came across others in this forum who have faced similar problem but I am not even able to figure out where the compilation error messages come out or which file are they written on to. Can someone please take a look at the below error messages and help me out with what to do.

Thanx Raghu

PNP: Initialized [2007-05-20-19:11:31] Automatic Sequential Automatic Parallel analyzer.

PNP: Allocated "lennon,1" resource (1 process).

PNP: Overload STAR master processor with external moving mesh code.

PNP: Assigned "lennon,1" to STAR solver (1 process).

PNP: Assigned "lennon,1" to external moving mesh code (1 process).

PNP: Analyzing User coding in "ufile" directory.

PNP: compiling /opt/intel/compiler70/ia64/bin/efc -w -ftz -O2 -c uparm.f -o linux64_2.4-itanium-efc_7.1-glibc_2.2.4-dso/uparm.o

PNP: ***ERROR*** Compilation error in user file "ufile/uparm.f".

PNP: ==> Please check the compilation error messages.

george May 30, 2007 01:40

Re: Compilation error with uparm.f
Dear Raghu,

Have you try to run another run using a subroutine in STAR-CD? I imagine that maybe the version of FORTRAN is mistake. Check the default version of Fortran that your STAR-CD needs from installation notes. For example Absoft 9.0 i think is the required for Windows.



Elyor May 30, 2007 02:09

Re: Compilation error with uparm.f
I think in this case you should use "star -fork" in order to start solver in the terminal with moving mesh problem.



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