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KtoTo June 5, 2007 04:15

Strarting load step number
Hi, my next question is: i solve transient problem, and when solver ran (pmovlink, starlink etc), we have some information about problem in terminal window, in particular Starting Load Step Nuumber. Once this number became 2 (not 1). I don't know why. And now in Advanced Transient panel I need to define 2 load steps end set number of load steps for next analysis from 1 to 2 to solve transient problem. If anybobe knows, please say me how can I change this Starting Load Step Nuumber? Thanks. PS: I use STAR-CD V3.15 but I should be please for inormation about other version.

staruser June 15, 2007 16:43

Re: Strarting load step number
This might be an error in the old version of STAR-CD/pro-STAR you're using. Try a newer version and make sure the setting in the advanced transient panel is correct - i.e. starting load step. Why do you have to use advanced transient at all?

KtoTo June 21, 2007 09:01

Re: Strarting load step number
This is quite convenient ) The probleme was in STAR-CD on my machine: after STAR-CD runing, when button SAve in Advanced Transient panel firstly clicked, ramp/step was set up ramp from step automatically (I didn't pay attention on this) and solving started from second load step. This happens only on my PC. )) unique phenomenon.

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