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nico June 5, 2007 13:31

starccm+2 handling of internal walls/faces

Iam concerned about how can I mesh such problems. I have a surface in my 3d domain, and this needs to be defined as a wall. In my mind there are 3 choices:

1) split my domain in several volumes around my surface so that i can define it as an interface. I dont like it, because i would need to define new surfaces (complex ones)

2) use the wrapper (that will find zero thickness baffles), could word but not ideal.

3) the 'icem' way, i can do it simply by specifying my surface as 'internal wall'. Do you know of something like that in star ccm+2?



Johan June 5, 2007 15:47

Re: starccm+2 handling of internal walls/faces
What I recommend, if you have Prosurf, create a Prosurf surface mesh. Then export the surface mesh as a dbs.-file, and import it into StarCCM+. In STarCCM+: Regions-->boundaries-->combine the surfaces say wall, inlet,etc. -->start with volume mesh straight away. Hope it help!

Kasper Skriver June 8, 2007 05:58

Re: starccm+2 handling of internal walls/faces
Make it an internal interface --> select baffle

Make sure that you grow prism layer from the baffle. This will work. I've done it many times in STAR-CCM+

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