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Elyor June 20, 2007 05:09

pressure value is strange
In pump calculation, I specified pressure for inlet (2bar) and outlet (3.5bar), when I run solver I got minus pressure value in some region. What does it mean? Please advise! thanks a lot in advance.


KtoTo June 22, 2007 03:28

Re: pressure value is strange
relative pressure can be minus...

Elyor June 22, 2007 03:54

Re: pressure value is strange
Dear KtoTo, thanks a lot for your reply. As I understand, reference pressure is default pressure which is in Star-CD specified as 0.1MPa. Relative pressure is the pressure we specify as in the boundary conditions. Absolute pressure (pressure from zero point) is the reference pressure(Star-CD default) + relative pressure(the pressure we specify). According to what you are saying if the pressure value in the calculations is negative that means this pressure is lower than that zero point. Is it right?

Please elaborate more about this matter

Thank you very much in advance.

Mike June 22, 2007 04:29

Re: pressure value is strange
Hi, check if you are getting negative relative or negative absolute pressure. It is ok if you get negative relative pressure as long as it is not more than atm pressure (ref pressure). Now having said that, since its a pump may end up having negative absolute pressure due to cavitation. You may have to switch on cavitation model. Hope this helps.

KtoTo June 26, 2007 06:43

Re: pressure value is strange
Hi, Elyor, sorry for long answer. I think that reference pressure is pressure we specify (see also, relative pressure is computed pressure about reference pressure, and Absolute pressure is relative pressure plus reference pressure (see Post-Processing/Load Data/Data tab, Help). And if relative pressure is negative, that actually means that it is smaller than reference one. I didn't face negative absolute pressure. (may be cavitation effect, see Mike answer)

You are welcome.

Elyor June 26, 2007 06:56

Re: pressure value is strange
Thank you KtoTo and Mike, I will try that.

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