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Tommy June 29, 2007 10:32

=== Using multiple POSDAT.F - simple trick ===
Hi all, I'm trying to use this trick from the 2005 archive to include different subroutines depending on the situation. If I include posdat1.txt type files in the ufile directory, posdat does not compile. I get an error message saying that the posdat subroutine is missing an END statement. If I delete the end statement from posdat1.txt, I still get the same error If I comment out the INCLUDE 'posdat1.txt' command, I no longer get the error message. As I'd like to use up to 6 different posdat routines in different combinations, sorting out this problem would be excellent!!!

Many Thanks in advance.


Richard July 2, 2007 07:43

Re: === Using multiple POSDAT.F - simple trick ===
As far as I recall, the original thread described something which didn't sound like it would work, so it's no wonder you are having problems. But that may be our misunderstanding due to lack of information. Maybe the original poster is able to clarify their procedure?

Tommy July 2, 2007 09:46

Re: === Using multiple POSDAT.F - simple trick ===
Thanks Richard, I have managed to make it work: declare all the necessary variables in POSTDAT, and then comment out declarations and the original postdat code from the .txt file. Then just include the things you want.


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