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rave August 6, 2007 04:09

boundary condition problem - NEED HELP

I have a fuselage at the centre of a cubical box. I have created the volume mesh in the box for the flow around the fuselage. I want to assign the fuselage surface as a no-slip wall boundary condition, but i m not able to select the cell-set for this. the problem is tht, the fuselage is a closed body and thr r 3 EXTRUSION layers around it. i want to select the inner surface cell set for the wall boundary region. I tried to do it by keeping the clipped hidden view, but tht way not all the surface cells got selected. after this individually selecting the remaining cells is a TASK.

if sm1 can tell me any other way for defining the boundary region, I shall be thankful to him.

Klaas Klever August 6, 2007 06:24

Re: boundary condition problem - NEED HELP
Put shells on your model surface (live surf).

Select the shells of the part you are interested in and

a) assigne your BCs (if you are using V3.26)

b) select the volume cells that have faces on your shell set and then assign the BCs (if you are using V4). you will have to do that in at least two steps. do a bmerge afterwards to eliminate double BCs.

If you use the mesher in Star-CCM you can define those boundaries more easily.

rave August 7, 2007 02:19

Re: boundary condition problem - NEED HELP
thnk fr the help. I'll try tht.

but I also started doing it in another way. I cut the geometry and then attach it to a symmetry plane. in this way the fuselage inner surface wil be visible, so it can be easily selected.

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