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bob September 13, 2007 08:03

external flow mesh
I'm studying fan flow motion using StarCD.

How to make a mesh for external flow motion after import CAD/grid data of fan?

furthermore, because fan rotatas, would like to know that how to use moving or rotating or sliding effect of mesh.

I'm waiting for your answers.

ding September 19, 2007 01:20

Re: external flow mesh
I can't help u in creating rotating or dynamic mesh. But volume meshing for normal external flow analysis around a body requires a box or any other kind of flow domain created around the body. then only u can create the external meshing. and thr is noway to do tht in the STAR-CD. u need to create the flow domain (e.g. box) using sm other preprocessor tool(e.g. Gambit) b4 importing the IGES file to pro-surf for repair and triangulation. then u can import the .DBS file to Pro-Am for volume mesh generation.

hope it 'll help.

dong September 20, 2007 05:11

Re: external flow mesh
You can generate the box in Pro-Am as well. See the manual for more information.

ding September 21, 2007 04:10

Re: external flow mesh
ya, u r rite. thr is a feature "ceate box for external flow analysis" in the Pro-am, but it never works the way it shd. I tried to create the box arnd a geometry and then the external volume mesh, but i always ended with the internal mesh. another thing i dint knw, how to associate the box with the geometry.

so i cdn't do it using tht feature. if sm1 succeed then plz let me knw.


ding September 25, 2007 02:46

Re: external flow mesh
finally i tried doing it again, and i succeded. U create the box arnd the geometry 'just after importing the .dbs file of the geometry in PRO-AM'. After creating the box , u need to generate feature lines & edges and after it generate the subsurface for ceating volume mesh arnd the body.

so it worked.

hossein November 23, 2007 14:26

Re: external flow mesh
hi i want import my file from ansys to fluent but b4 importing i should meshed it i know that i should mesh around of my body,actually the external flow should be meshed around of the body but i dont know how can i meshed its surrunding and then importing to the fluent would u please help me?

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