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Andrea September 22, 2007 08:32

Diesel combustion simulation
Hi everybody, I'm looking for a combustion simulation in a Diesel engine...
Since now I've tried to use epthane, dodecane and a mixture of dodecane and esadecane... what mixture do you use for simulations like these?
And also...have you got some information about Diesel fuel properties? Such as relations of viscosity vs temperature, density vs temp,... Thanks in advance

Andrea September 25, 2007 19:28

Re: Diesel combustion simulation
noone can help me about this?

Maurizio October 16, 2007 08:17

Re: Diesel combustion simulation
dear andrea

i also try to do this......... unfortunately no help....

best regards

can we make a colaboration?

Andrea October 16, 2007 21:07

Re: Diesel combustion simulation
Well if you want we can...I'm trying to find the "best" set of models for ECFM3Z model...what are you looking at? And what king of fuel do you use? Thanks in advance! (I've see you're starting...I suggest to look carefully at the metodology it you're going to use some standard model...and try to vary the models used to see the differences in results!)

Andrea October 16, 2007 21:10

Re: Diesel combustion simulation
emh...some I've made some mistakes in writing...I would write what "kind" of fuel you use and to look carefully at the metodology if...

ramaiah November 22, 2009 23:32

sorry instead of reply I am begging help for my work.
I am doing simulation on diesel engine , I am in need of pdf for dodecane could you plz help me in this regard.please help me through email as I am unable to access fluent forum.waiting for your valuable reply.
Bala showry

usker December 9, 2009 20:42

Hi Andrea,

We want to use detailed kinetics to simulate combustion process. ECFM3Z model is good, but it uses reduced chemical kinetics mechanisms for fuel oxidation. If you compare detailed mechamism and reduced mechanism still there is a great difference. With the increasing power of computers it will be possible in the future to simulate detailed chemistry coupled with turbulence.


Pauli December 10, 2009 13:43

alexandru_d August 21, 2010 07:16

need help

i'm new around here and novice in this kind of stuff. i'm interested on a program for a 4 stroke diesel combustion simulation. I heard about Fluent 6.3 - and that is very hard to work with - and Ansys 12 (Ansys 11 can offer the possibilty of combustion simulation).

thx in advance for any advice,

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