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emir aydar September 24, 2007 14:43

Reducing NOx in biyodisel fuels
which process should i track? i want to do modelling in STARCCM+ have you ever modelled before like this example? Can you give me some information, we want to decrease NOx emmisions in biyodisel fuels

Andrea September 24, 2007 19:37

Re: Reducing NOx in biyodisel fuels
I haven't use CCM+ before (I use Star) but I think that's a gret need to define a fuel "ad hoc" is it? And his properties influence atomization, breakup, evaporation...everything! I think that if you have all the required information for a real biodiesel fuel you can try to so something, if you don't I don't think you'll succed... You need to define fuel, his properties, turbulent reaction...what we "teorically" can do for the normal diesel fuel but that in fact we can't!

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