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raziftech October 3, 2007 01:00

how to make animation in star ccm *NM*

Peter October 3, 2007 05:50

Re: how to make animation in star ccm
1. Input "animations" into the STAR-CCM+ help facility, which comes with the code.

2. Read the manual!

3. Follow the advice provided.

Aeron October 8, 2007 21:11

Re: how to make animation in star ccm
Generate animations using Windows MovieMaker or the linux 'animate' command from *.png files auto exported from STAR-CCM+. To do this in STAR-CCM+, go to the properties of the display window and find the subnode in the GUI that controls the display. Its down a few nodes. Then look for a little checkbox and options for exporting as .png, .gif, .jpg, etc. Also have option of exporting per iteration or timestep, if transient. And there's a place where you can send the files to. After simulation is over, collect all images, bring them into a directory and run the 'animate' command. Or if in windows (or can send the files to windows) use the windows moviemaker. Under options set the time between images to its lowest value, something like 0.25s maybe? Or maybe lower. Moviemaker is easiest way.

Sachin Mahajan October 17, 2007 02:35

Re: how to make animation in star ccm
Dear Sir, Please help me out in how to make animations of the in-cylinder combustion cimulations...?

thanking you

Regards Sachin Mahajan

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