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benbru October 10, 2007 17:04

CFD Books
Can anybody recommend any good books on CFD?

I have one that explains the theory behind it, the code, and algorithms behind turbulence models and boundary conditions, but I want one that is more practical.

Ideally something that focused on external aerodynamics of vehicles and airfoils would be great.

I posted this in the Star-CD forum since that is what I'll be using I thought maybe books that Star-CD users like might be different from books that say a Fluent user likes.

Tom October 10, 2007 18:32

Re: CFD Books
I asked that question to adapco training and he recommeded Versteeg & Malalasekera, An Introduction to Computational Fluid Mechanics. He said that it is the most like STAR-CD.


Aeron October 11, 2007 10:50

Re: CFD Books
Also, Comp Methods for Fluid Dynamics by Ferziger and Peric. This is a fundamental text of CFD. Peric works for CD-adapco now.

benbru October 24, 2007 13:17

Re: CFD Books
I got the Versteeg book. It is pretty good. I learned a few things about the solver that I didn't know. However most of the questions I have are related to meshing.

Does anybody know a good book that gives the basics on meshing. Just a few questions I have are:

When should I use trimmed cells and when should I use tetrahedral grids?

What is the difference between the extrusion layer thickness and the distance you offset the surface (I can't remember the offset terminology, but its one of the first things you do when import a surface mesh into pro-AM). Should I be using the boundary layer thickness for these?

Thanks for the previous recommendations Aeron and Tom!

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