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usker October 21, 2007 22:57

Concentration Scale Data Interpretation
Dear all,

My question is: let's say we have transient spray and combustion results in a constant volume chamber with temperature, NOx, soot, etc. data. For example, for soot distribution I can see the soot concentration distribution within the flame at each time step. How to determine total soot concentration at the certain time step? I think if I calculate the average looking at the scale the result will not be quite accurate. Because for some time steps the area (or the volume) of particular concentration can be large but max.concentration (red color part of the scale) can be low and viceversa.

If I knew total concentration at each time step then I could integrate the function over time (concentration over time) and determine total soot concentration over a complete spray and combustion event. Do I sound reasonable?

Please advise

usker October 22, 2007 22:06

Re: Concentration Scale Data Interpretation
OK, let me put it in this way: Is it possible to know total (average) mass fraction, from the scalar mass fraction (concentration) distribution (colorful scale), at each time step(transient)? Is there any option in Prostar to determine this? If not, whoever experienced this, please share your knowledge.


dong October 23, 2007 04:07

Re: Concentration Scale Data Interpretation
i don't think there is a direct way to determine this, but you can find your total mass concentration by determining the total mass in your domain and the total mass of the scalar. have a look at commands like 'operate' and '*get'.

or on a second thought and even easier: have a look in your *.info file. you will find field totals at the bottom of each entry.

Hope that helps!

Anton Lyaskin October 23, 2007 05:34

Re: Concentration Scale Data Interpretation
Look for the description of SUMM command - I think that's exactly what are you looking for.

usker October 23, 2007 20:30

Re: Concentration Scale Data Interpretation
Thank you dong and Anton,

That was exactly what I was looking for!


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