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benbru October 26, 2007 19:25

External Aerodynamic Meshing
I opened a surface mesh of an airfoil (created in pro-surf) in ProAM. I created a box around the airfoil to serve as the exterior of fluid domain.

I thought that when I made my volume mesh it would mesh between the two surfaces, but that was not the case. It meshed the inside of the airfoil and seems to simply have deleted the box.

Is there a setting I have to change to switch the side of the airfoil that gets the mesh? I looked at the ProAM users guide, but it just mentioned that if you are doing external aero you have to create the box. Thanks to anybody who responds!

reza October 27, 2007 03:50

Re: External Aerodynamic Meshing
You might want to check if your box has a surface mesh already. If not, ProAM will not recognize as part of your domain. Try checking it with Surface Tool --> Check Surface on the main ProAM window.

My second idea is to make the box directly inside ProAM. ProAM is also capable in making such box for external aero cases. Look for this also in the main window.

ravi October 29, 2007 03:28

Re: External Aerodynamic Meshing
u can also try the "orient surface" feature in PRO-AM b4 generating the subsurface for the mesh-creation.then chk if the subsurface is created between the airfoil and the box surface.

best of luck.

ravi October 29, 2007 03:33

Re: External Aerodynamic Meshing
1 sec , how r u generating a volume mesh for an airfoil.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

benbru October 29, 2007 14:50

Re: External Aerodynamic Meshing
Hi ravi, I think that the shell orientation is probably my problem. I did make the external box and it did have a surface grid on it so it must be the shell orientation. I'll try it and let you know how it turns out.

Ravi, to answer your question. After I made the box and then made the volume mesh pro-am just seemed to delete the box and it meshed the inside of the airfoil (I'm still not sure why it deleted the box). It was treating the airfoil itself as the fluid.

I had a similar problem to this before. I was doing flow in a duct. I had to simply extract the inside surface of my cad model and then close the ends, but the external aero is a little bit of a different beast.

ravi October 30, 2007 01:13

Re: External Aerodynamic Meshing

go to this link.

and my Qs was not wat u perceived, but i told , airfoil is a 2D geom, it has to be a wing to create the volume mesh.

ding October 30, 2007 02:31

Re: External Aerodynamic Meshing

Airfoil November 26, 2007 21:04

Re: External Aerodynamic Meshing
Have you export your airfoil surface as mesh from Pro-surf to Pro-AM? In order to generate volume mesh from Pro-Am, you must have surface mesh. Remember to create edges and point for your geometry too.

ding December 5, 2007 01:13

Re: External Aerodynamic Meshing
ya, u need to generate the surface mesh in pro-surf b4 importing the .dbs file in Pro-am.

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