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Consultant November 3, 2007 08:05

2 PRINCIPAL applications for oil and gas

In the family of questions which code to use, here is one.

In oil and gas the 2 principal problems that are being investigated are:

- pipe flow+stress analysis. The pipes are trying to go deeper so the question is how to make them lighter, but as strong as possible to resist the higher stress from the challenging environments (higher pressure, lower/higher temperature).

- combustion and incinerators. To comply to tight specifications on composition depending on countries or continent, the fossil fuels are being processed to remove unwanted chemical species or component. Those species are used as combustible to generate energy for the whole processing plants. To get these combustion chambers or incinerator well designed drives the whole design process: no energy = no factory/no production. They are what make the plant economically viable.

This article is interesting:

Which one code would be able to solve those 2 specific applications?



Dennis Nagy November 5, 2007 22:27

Re: 2 PRINCIPAL applications for oil and gas
The short (and admittedly biased) answer is: STAR-CD from CD-adapco can be used to solve both of these problems. If you'd like more details and industrial examples from our experts in subsea pipeflow (Dr. Simon Lo) and refinery-related furnaces and combustion (Dr. Mike Henneke), please let me know.


Dr. Dennis Nagy

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