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Mac December 11, 2007 02:55

torque calculation
Hi....for a given rotational component, how do I calculate the torque generated?? Is it with the use of macros...or is there any other way of post-processing the torque value for each iteration. Thanks in advance.

ping December 11, 2007 11:19

Re: torque calculation
Which code?

In STAR-CD, either by Boundary Monitoring (=each iteration), or by post macro on wall force data, or use the acoeff command.

In STAR-CCM+ create a new Report of type Torque - very easy.

Mac December 11, 2007 23:12

Re: torque calculation *NM*

Mac December 11, 2007 23:13

Re: torque calculation
Well i am using STARCD. So you are saying that boundary monitoring for each iteration or post processing the wall force data after getting converged results ?? Can user routines be used for this? Thanks.

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