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Corentin December 13, 2007 13:08

Axisymmetric extrusion

I have a 2d profile in the XY plan and I would like to have it extruded in axisymmetry, with Y being the radius.

I know the 2d3d function can do it, but it does it with the X direction for the radius, how can I change it?


Pauli December 13, 2007 16:52

Re: Axisymmetric extrusion
My guess - Perform the operation with CSYS set to a properly aligned cylindrical coordinate system?

Corentin December 13, 2007 16:58

Re: Axisymmetric extrusion
Thank you, but I tried.

After creating the geometry, I created a new coordinate system, performing some rotation, and I activated this new coordinate system.

Then I used the 2d3d function.

It did exactly the same as before, just as if the old coordinate system was still active.

It seems that the 2d3d function didn't operate in the new coordinate system.

I am so desperate...

James December 13, 2007 17:20

Re: Axisymmetric extrusion
type help vcex, one of the options is which system you want to use

Pauli December 14, 2007 12:53

Re: Axisymmetric extrusion
You should take James' advice.

I never use the 2d3d functions. I do all my extrusions using vcex. I'm pretty sure at some point I've done axi-symmetric extrusion with vcex. The trick is to use a cylindrical coordinate system.

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