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work December 18, 2007 05:06

v4 trimmed cell problem
I'm using v4 for first time and facing problem when creating trimmed cells. There are over 2000 cells which are "dicsonnected" when I check quality using "mesh tools" in the classic pro-am panel. I have no idea why or how to fix this. When I forced to write geom there are many lines of unfamiliar error messages.

I don't know how to use the new pro-am panel for polyhedral. When I tried to make polyhedra in classic proam panel, nothing resulted! How do I setup the cell size in new proam panel for polyhedra? Please help urgently where possible (but please dont ask me to use star-ccm because I dont have it).

work December 18, 2007 07:49

Re: v4 trimmed cell problem
I've just re-made the domain using v326 and there is no more disconnected cells. Could this be a bug in v4?

Tom December 18, 2007 13:07

Re: v4 trimmed cell problem
My experience is that a v3.26 mesh will not work in v4.0X. Also, I have found that if I use the classic mesh panel in v4.0X I get the same errors as if I imported a v3.26 mesh. Therefore, what I do is use the classic mesh panel to fix and refine the surface. Then I switch over to the auto mesh panel, using the surface input as the last surface dbs that I fixed. Just like with the old method, you must set the surfaces that you want no subsurface as a seperate cell type.


BastiL December 18, 2007 18:07

Re: v4 trimmed cell problem
Why does v326 mesh not run in v4? You should note:

In most cases classic GUI calls the old "ammbatch" process. Only except: resurface calls a new tool. The new GUI calls the new tools which are similar to ccm+. New trimmer has no unresolve cells but polyhedrals. Meshes look bad, lots of strange looking polys on complex geometrys. I prefer old method, meshes are less worse...

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