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Julian December 19, 2007 23:13

how to replace piston head in the es-ice software
I am doing a simulation on compressed natural gas direct injection engine for stratified mixture. The simulation must be done in the transient stage to get accurate results. Therefore, I need to use software from CD-adapco called es-ice(Expert System for Internal Combustion Engine) to generate moving mesh.

Previously, the full model of the engine cylinder head, valves and piston head for homogeneous mixture simulation had been generated using es-ice. The full model is in moving mesh form. Now, I am required to use back the previous model generated with the piston head being replaced with another piston head that can produce stratified mixture in the combustion.

Can anyone in the forum guide or teach me the method of replacing the piston head without generating back the whole model of the engine?

Thank you.

Pauli December 20, 2007 01:18

Re: how to replace piston head in the es-ice softw
Assuming your piston crown is only in the fixed grid, it's pretty easy. First build a set of the piston cells you want to delete. Then simply delete the set.

Next read in the old piston mesh you want to use. Finally you connect the new piston to the remainder of the grid.

If the piston mesh is part of the moving grid, you need to rebuild the es-ice model. And I don't have time to type in all those instructions. :)

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