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benbru January 9, 2008 14:52

Assembling Grids
The complexity of the models I've been running with Pro-Star have increased to the point where I'm getting interested in utilizing the "assemble grid" features Pro-Star/ProAM offers.

The user's guide does not seem to describe how to make a grid assembly very well and I had a few questions I was hoping the experts could answer to get me started:

1) How do you do this? Do just make save several database (.dbs) files from Pro/Surf for each component of your assembly? Should they have different DB id's? Should they all have a consistent coordinate system? (same axes AND same 0,0,0?)

2)If I am making my surface mesh in Pro/Surf do I have to do anything special to make sure the grids are going to line up correctly where two grids come into contact during the assembly step?

3)Finally to assemble the grid do I just import the first .dbs into pro-am, and then repeat the import command for the rest of my databases/components?

Thanks for your help. I have high hopes in spending less time meshing the same parts again and again:)

DB January 10, 2008 16:09

Re: Assembling Grids
save different pieces in the same database file with different database ID or you can save it in different database files, it doesnt matter. Also you dont need to have same coordinate system or same axis.

Open prostar dbase,open,filename1.dbs dbase,get,databaseID dbase,close dbase,open,filename2.dbs dbase,add,databaseID dbase close zoom off cplot

Now you will have 2 pieces of mesh in the same prostar window. They might not be aligned correctly. Now you have to use commands "vgen" for linear translation and "vtrans" for rotation. These two commands will help you to allign the two pieces. Next you have to couple/vmerge the two meshes to create a single mesh.

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