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usker January 10, 2008 03:23

Scalars of combustion model
Hello everyone,

Could anyone explain what do the following output scalars in ECFM combustion model mean?


Please, at least tell what do these abbreviations stand for, and where I can learn about it?

Thank you

Andrea January 24, 2008 20:35

Re: Scalars of combustion model
Hi Usker,
sorry for the time that is passed since the last time I wrote there...I apologise for the incovenience!
I was very busy until today and I didn't look at my mail box...
Tomorrow I can tell you everything you need about those scalar quantities, I've wrote down something last December just about it...
Wait just til tomorrow and I'll be back here with those answers!

Andrea January 26, 2008 08:38

Re: Scalars of combustion model
Hi Usker

as I said yesterday, here's the explanation of each scalar quatities:

TF = it's the fuel tracer mass. It has the same variation in time of the fuel in the cell, until the star of combustion. After that moment it looks as the fuel is not burned...

TO2 = it's the oxigen tracer mass.

O2UM = unmixed O2 in mass

YIG = concentration of first scalar of autoignition/ignition of the fuel. It's an internal scalar from the ignition model, you may not be interested in it...

YIG2= = second scalar of's active only if you use the double delay ignition option

FUM = fuel unmixed in mass

RVB = ...I don't remember!!! I have to look for it...

SIGMA = as RVB...

TSOOT = SOOT tracer in mass

YFB = Burned Fuel concentration (in mass).

Every mass is expressed in kg while the concentration in mass are dimensionless.

Hope that help!


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