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NM January 22, 2008 16:51

use case.inp file..

is there any command to use only case.inp (including case.vrt, case.cel, case.bnd) file to solve problem. i need study parametric so i want change only values in input file.. how can i do.?? i dont want open every time prostar and write prob file. so i need this..

can anyone help me?

thanks already..

James January 22, 2008 17:05

Re: use case.inp file..
You will need to run prostar as you will need to generate a new geometry file if you change the cell and vertex information. In addition it is theoretically possible to hand edit a problem file but not recommended.

Prostar, certainly on unix, has a batch mode using the X driver. A shell script similar to below should achieve your aim of running prostar without having to have manual input.


$STARDIR/bin/prostar -b > output.list << EndofCommands x casename y y

vread casename.vrt cread casename.cel

ifile casename.inp




quit,nosa EndofCommands

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