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Kasper January 28, 2008 09:29

Hanging licenses

We have a common flex lm server where we have access to our star-cd licenses. From time to time it is seen that a star-cd license hangs at normal program exit or when a program crash occurs. This is very annoying since we don't have the opportunity to reset it ourselves (we have to wait for support to do it). The flex server is not the problem since it works fine with another 1000 different licenses for other programs. We work on windows xp, 32bit and 64bit pc's.

Question: Does anyone experience similar problems with cd-adapco licenses?

Any possible solutions?

BR Kasper Skriver

TG January 28, 2008 14:16

Re: Hanging licenses
Not all programs use the same version of the flex license manager. Are you sure you are using the version that STAR requires?

Pauli January 28, 2008 14:37

Re: Hanging licenses
You can create a FlexLM license option file with the TIMEOUTALL option set to a reasonably large value. This will tell the license server to release the license if it has not been checked (heartbeat) within the time period specified by TIMEOUTALL.

This option & it's use is described in the FlexLM user guide. It sounds like you will need sysadmin privileges to implement the change.

Set the value something longer than the largest wall time per iteration you expect to encounter. Otherwise you will have the license server releasing & re-acquiring licenses as your job runs. That can create a whole other set of problems!

Balduin Bankerotti January 28, 2008 16:09

Re: Hanging licenses
Some very early versions of ccm+ were known to eat you license when crushing. You can use the "kill_starccm+" command in this case.

Kasper January 29, 2008 09:28

Re: Hanging licenses
To follow up on this I would like to post what I received from CD-Adapco support:

... - this is a known issue with STAR-CCM+ which will be resolved in release 3.04 (due out mid-2008). The problem occurs if the network connection fails for a moment. This 'missing connection' means that FlexLM does not check the license back in and thinks it is still in use, even when STAR-CCM+ is closed down. In version 3.04 the license software will be updated so that it times-out redundant licenses more quickly, but also checks the licenses are still in use more regularly...

So it is actually still a problem in CCM+. I will look into the timeoutall option.

Thank you all for your help.

BR Kasper

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