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sreenivas February 20, 2008 06:30

thermal conductivity in plane &thickness direction

Can any body plz tell me how to set thermal conductity in plane direction as well as in thickness direction for same material in STAR-CD. The geometry is Aluminum module case in which the heat source will be fixed(Assembli is rectangular in shape).Heat sourse will have thermal conductivity in plane&Thickness direction(these two values are numerically different).plz suggest me how to set these values in STAR-CD

Thanks&Regards srinivas

andreas February 21, 2008 06:27

Re: thermal conductivity in plane &thickness direc
You might use the conduc.f user subroutine. Anisotropic conductivity is accessible via the variables ckn1, ckn2, ckn3 for x, y, z direction.

for example:

IF(ICTID.eq.2) THEN !Material number 2 for Aluminium

ckn1=210. ! conductivity in x Direktion (W/mK)

ckn2=150. ! conductivity in y Direktion


I think x, y, z are global coordinates.

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