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GG February 26, 2008 20:38

Turbulence Model
hi, every1 i am using star-design to do my final year project ,i was ask to very the turbulence model which are ke model and constant viscosity model. however in the option i can only find ke model on/off, how do i use constant effective viscosity model then ? ( is it just turn the ke off and density to constant >? )

Andrea February 27, 2008 19:09

Re: Turbulence Model
what do you mean for costant viscosity models? I don't're speaking about turbulence model but you want a model where you consider a costant viscosity for your liquid?
If I'm not wrong every turbulence model consider a variable viscosity in the's implicit in the turbulence phenomena...then you can choose to use a scala relationship between viscosity and shear stress or not...but that's another question...
Plase be more specific

A February 28, 2008 10:16

Re: Turbulence Model
Star Design is a very pared down CFD program. You can chose either k-epsilon turbulence model or laminar flow. Star-CD offers a much wider range of tubulence models. Constant viscosity is the most simple one. So if you are to compare those two models you should use Star-CD.

Andrea March 3, 2008 20:06

Re: Turbulence Model
Sorry for my previous message, now I understand...

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