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hervé February 27, 2008 15:24

starCD version update

I am the (very commun) problem of segmentation fault with my ProStar v3.26.004, and it seems that the only solution is to update to v2.26.006 or v3.24. But I wonder if those update are free? because I don't find any word about update on CD-Adapco site.

thanks in advance

PS: and somebody have finaly found a solution to segmentation fault error, I am still interesting...

Jim February 27, 2008 17:30

Re: starCD version update
You can get the updates from your local support office

hervé February 27, 2008 17:55

Re: starCD version update
thanks, but I don't really understand what do you mean by local support office (i'm french).


TG February 27, 2008 21:06

Re: starCD version update
If you have a legitimate, paid-for license, then all STAR-CD updates are "free" for as long as you keep paying for the license. If you are a legitimate customer, you also have the right to call your local support office. If you have never called them, look at the CD-adapco web site and find the phone number of the office in Paris (as you say you are French). If you are a student, then you will have to get whoever was responsible for installing STAR on your school's computers to install an upgrade. If you don't have a legitimate license, then you get the service you pay for (nothing).

Pauli February 27, 2008 23:56

Re: starCD version update
Segmentation fault is not a common problem with 3.26.

If you post a detailed description of what are you doing someone on this list might be able to help.

hervé February 28, 2008 05:29

Re: starCD version update
thanks, I'll contact my school for those updates.

concerning my segmentation fault problem, it occurs when I proceed the generation of subsurface in tutorial 1 (y_tube). And I thus cannot finish the mesh of the y_tube!

I also sometimes have messages of error reading database file 3, which is normaly generated the step before.

And the last problem I have is that some actions are not possible, because the status bar indicate "holding for available processor", but my machine is 1,7 GHz, which is not too bad (I think...).

if anyone have ever encountered those problems, help is welcome. thanks in advance.

Andrea March 3, 2008 19:04

Re: starCD version update
Dear Pauli,
I confirm that I have a segmentation fault problem with pro-Star EVERY time I try to save two or more images from the program...the first goes right, the second one goes in segmentation fault...
I've seen that if I use a LOOP cycle with some ad hoc command to write out figures from the screen I don't get the segmentation fault there any solution about this problem?

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