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Peter Specht March 5, 2008 05:50

split functioin in CCM+
I wonder why the split operation causes strange results. I want to model a porosity area in a channel. It is like you have a box in a box so that the smaller box (porosity area) is only shorter in height. It is modeled in Solid Works and imported via igs or parasolid.

If you open the case so that you have only one region (one region for all) than you can split by topology. Than you get 2 regions but this does not work, because i need 3 regions: one in the top, one in the middle and one in the buttom.

When you import the case (one region per body) you get 2 regions. When you mark them an try to split the split operation fails because it says: region body 1 contained only one topological region and was not split.

In Gambit this splitting was the easiest thing.

Regards Peter

Kasper March 5, 2008 09:14

Re: split functioin in CCM+
How do you split. It should work by "Split Non-Contiguous"

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