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Jay March 6, 2008 10:28

the role of the atomization model

I try to model spray injection.

In Star-cd, there are 4 atomization models.

According to the methodology, nozzle turbulence, surface wave growth, droplet size distribution, spray andgle and initial velocity will be calculated in atomization model.

I think this is very similar to the mechanism of the primary breakup.

And Star-cd also provide the droplet breakup model which I think the secondary breakup.

So, I want to analyze the spray injection model using primary and secondary breakup.

Is it possible? (primary breakup = atomization model) (secondary breakup = droplet breakup model)

Thanks and Regard...

usker March 6, 2008 10:34

Re: the role of the atomization model
Yes, you are right.

Andrea March 7, 2008 21:16

Re: the role of the atomization model
You are right:
atomization = primary breakup
breakup = secondary br.
I suggest to use Huh's model for the atomization (because with that model you don't have to specify any spray angle, so you'll get a "natural" spray angle, not forced numerically) and then to use Reitz or Hsiang-Faeth secondary breakup...
Sometimes at partial load you can get better results on the atomization by using Reitz-Model, but you need to know an exact spray angle...(and so you need experimental data)

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