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mk_mat March 9, 2008 16:21

Interface in Star-CCM+
Hi guys,

I have two different regions in my computational domain, and I want to define an interface between the contact surfaces of these two regions - The perimeter of the surfaces are not equal.

How would you define the interface?!

new2CFD March 11, 2008 18:07

Re: Interface in Star-CCM+
You may have to redefine the geometry so that the perimeter of the surfaces match up. You can then generate separate meshes for each. For example, if you have a cover plate over a channel; where half is in contact with fluid and half is in contact with solid, make the cover plate 2 pieces and have specify two different interfaces.

Peter Specht March 12, 2008 16:29

Re: Interface in Star-CCM+
You look for the boundaries of each region which have contact with each other. Then mark the two and create interface in place. (right mouse click)

NaMe March 13, 2008 09:48

Re: Interface in Star-CCM+
try "zip edges" tools.. if they are so close.. create feature curves then zip the properly edges..

if only i can show you interactively :)

good luck

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