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hervé March 10, 2008 15:07

problem with mapping face to shell...

I have to map two curved blocks, because there are cracks at the interface. Another person post a similar message on the forum, but I cannot find a clear solution in the answers (they talked about a "livesurf" function that is unknown in my version of prostar (PS: I have ProSTAR v3.26.004,), and I have no idea of what it is...).

First, I tried a simple exercise: map a face block to shell, but I failed, it was a complete mess! Tell me if I am wrong: For that, I need to create a block, and a patch (with cell type shell), and then I map the face to a shell of my patch. I don't get an error, but the projection is horrible (only a few block cells are projected, and it's not a good projection) Second, do I need the block face to be very close to the patch on which I want to project my block?

Could somebody please help me on that. Thanks in advance.

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