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Anton Lyaskin March 14, 2008 11:29

Turning off .run & .info files
Just curious - is there any way to turn off writing .run and .info files? Or to forward the output from these files to /dev/null?

I've just noticed that for small models and fast CPU time neccessary to update the output files is comparable to the time of iteration! Well, may be something is wrong with my disk system, but...

Pauli March 17, 2008 23:07

Re: Turning off .run & .info files
I've never heard of a way. If you redirect the output to /dev/null you probably won't get a pst file.

You could ask the support folks if they have a magic switch or rcon.

Are you writing to a networked or local disk drive?

Anton Lyaskin March 18, 2008 05:52

Re: Turning off .run & .info files
Yes, if I'll forward all the output to /dev/null, I'll loose everything.

I'm writing to a local disk, with network disk this the situation will be even worse! This prevents me from running a number of small problems in parallel on a cluster with network storage.

May be you're right about switches and rconstants, I'll try to find out

Balduin Bankerotti March 18, 2008 07:48

Re: Turning off .run & .info files
There is nothing about this in the switch list.

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