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new technology March 30, 2008 16:41

SpaceClaim - STAR-CCM+ ?
It would be nice to have a STAR-CAD for spaceclaim. This software will replace all the CAD software for CAE:

It is also cheaper

Jim March 31, 2008 08:05

Re: SpaceClaim - STAR-CCM+ ?
I assume this is a joke? Why would CD port to a tiny CAD package like that? What is the userbase, 100 maybe? Saying that it will replace all CAD software is a complete fantasy! You clearly work for spaceclaim (no one could be that deluded!) so I would suggest you keep your comments about your software somewhat more modest (and realistic!). Unless you can back up your claim with evidence (user numbers, growth rates etc).

u89 April 2, 2008 15:58

Re: SpaceClaim - STAR-CCM+ ?
SpaceClaim is brilliant. But you need some visionary quality to see it is a jump forward and would marry well ccm+

Peter April 3, 2008 02:56

Re: SpaceClaim - STAR-CCM+ ?
If your product is so good than bang on the door of the CD-adapco in Melville, NY.

As for this web page, your blatant advert should be removed.

locust April 10, 2008 16:58

Re: SpaceClaim - STAR-CCM+ ?
it is true spaceclaim is very similar to STAR-CCM+. For a user it would be easy to be trained those two rather than the weird proE and NX.

I guess people will see if cd-adapco contacts them or missed the coach on this one.

JackTheLad March 1, 2012 03:42

Do you still feel the same way about SpaceClaim?

laminarflow027 September 15, 2015 16:30

Have used the STAR-SpaceClaim CAD Client. It's not up to the same level as the CAD clients STAR-CCM+ has with other CAD vendors (CATIA/NX/SolidWorks) but it's getting there. It can definitely help speed up model prep time and quickly churning out design iterations. Hope the people who were skeptical about SpaceClaim before are rethinking their statements now!

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