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SG April 2, 2008 16:46

Unsteady simulation in StarCCM+
When one chooses implicit unsteady mode of simulation in StarCCM+ then all the turbulence modeling approaches, RST, DES, LES does no longer give a lot of the turbulence parameters under Tools. So TKE, Re Shear Stress disappears from Tools menu when one triggers the unsteady mode.

Looks like to get these parameters one have to write a script and do the time integration and write it out to data files.

Anyone has done these before and willing to share the equations and commands so that I don't have to reinvent the wheel?



Nate April 3, 2008 17:41

Re: Unsteady simulation in StarCCM+
I just recently wrote a script that would export velocity, TKE, and pressure data along specific planes as well as the corresponding screenshots for making animations along these planes at specified time intervals. I would have exported the data for all the points in the model had each exported timestep file not been ~3gb. With this way I got the information I needed and the files were only ~12mb per plane of data per timestep.

If this sounds like something you are looking for let me know and I can send it to you with instructions on implementing it.

SG April 3, 2008 18:52

Re: Unsteady simulation in StarCCM+

That will be great.

Can you send it directly to

Thanks in advance,


Nate April 3, 2008 19:28

Re: Unsteady simulation in StarCCM+
Sure thing. Do you mind if it waits until the weekend? I'll be busy all day tomorrow doing some post-processing.

Nate April 5, 2008 00:52

Re: Unsteady simulation in StarCCM+
I'm sending the macro over now.

Open it up with wordpad and read the comments and instructions.

By the way, I'm just curious. What company/university are you working for? I'm a few years from my PhD but I like hearing from others in the business about their experiences in industry as I have no intention of going the academia route.

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