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axel cole April 3, 2008 07:36

How to simulate a static pressure sensor?
Hy guys,

i would like to simulate a static pressure sensor on a duct. I've put a small diameter pipe on the duct surface. I'd like to know which boundary condition i must impose on the top of the small diameter pipe. Do you think that a WALL boundary condition could be right?

Thanks in advance

reza April 16, 2008 17:49

Re: How to simulate a static pressure sensor?
You have to actually see the physical geometry of your pressure pipe. If your fluid volume is e.g. 1 cubic meter and your pipe has only max. 2 mm in diameter then you just put a wall boundary on your surface. If you think that there effect of the pressure hole on the fluid, you might want to consider a finer mesh on the hole and on the bottom of the hole put there the wall boundary.

STARCD automatically recognizes all fluid that has no boundary at all as non slip wall. so practically you won't need to declare any wall in the boundary table. basically just put another cell type on your pressure point area for ease of post processing.

If you do a steady state calculation, after you finished to calculate, just get the wall cell on and Map pressure of the fluid cell neighboured to your wall by doing a PMAP

If you do an transient calculation, you might want to write a POSTDAT.f subroutine to see the behaviour of your pressure during the whole simulation. more info on POSTDAT please see user manual.

hope this will help.

cheers, Reza

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