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mepgzzi April 3, 2008 11:29

Can parrallel model be run in sequential mode?
Hi all,

I have the task to re-run a parallel model (with usr subroutines), but I dont have parallel licences.

Is it possible to run a parallel model directly in sequential mode without changing anything?

I found during the trial calculation that there are warnings about the boundaries and the injection model is not evoked at all(no fuel injected), different from previous results.

Where shall I make the modification?

Thanks in advance.


James April 3, 2008 14:21

Re: Can parrallel model be run in sequential mode?
It should, all other things being equal, work.

Did you rewrite all the files from Prostar ?

Did you check the setup in Prostar ?

Were the versions identical ?

mepgzzi April 4, 2008 04:13

Re: Can parrallel model be run in sequential mode?
Hi James,

The original model was a 2 stroke engine built up with es-ice and starcd 3.26.(I only have 3.24)

There is no valve movement, Intake and exhaust controlled by piston position. Attach boundaries are applied to both the cylinder wall and the port surfaces that will overlap with the cylinder.

I have error resuming the model because of the my starcd version 3.24. The Time relationship is in seconds instead of in angle(the latter should be a default setup with es-ice). Piston position and velocity are set through a user subroutine. Run time control is not set, and DTSTEP is used for time step control.

As I couldnt write a proper problem file, I didnt change anything and left it as it was and I run star -dp. The calculation could go on!

Then during the simulation, there are following warnings

1. At the beginning: POSTAT is activated but not used

2.when the cylinder and ports are connected:

Cell**** has master asi face wihich remains unmatched for 100% of its area.

You should either revise grid chage comands, ajust tolerance or turn partial boundaries on.

3.No injection is observed. There is no fuel concentration.

What caused these problems? What kind of modifications can I make? Is it necessary that I use 3.26?



Jim April 4, 2008 04:28

Re: Can parrallel model be run in sequential mode?
You should get 3.26, if you speak to your local agent they should be able to get you it.

Donald April 6, 2008 11:02

Re: Can parrallel model be run in sequential mode?
Can the guy who gave you the model explains a bit what he did and how to run it?

How can people come into a situation where they receive a model they have no clue about, has some specific subroutine with it and then need to ask a forum how to run it...This is unbelievable.

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