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Thomas Stockheim April 9, 2008 05:50

STAR-CD 3.268in Fedora 8
Is anybody using STAR-CD 3 in Fedora 8 ? We have been using it without problems in Fedora 4 for a while, but want to upgrade now. When starting pro-xm, I always get a segmentation fault. It seems to be a problem of the graphics display - it crashes even when I run it remotely on a Fedora 4 system and export the display to my fedora 8 screen. But it works if I run it on Fedora 8 and export the Display to Fedora 4.

Thanks, Thomas

Thomas Stockheim April 9, 2008 08:10

Re: STAR-CD 3.268in Fedora 8
Never mind, I solved it myself. Just had to install some additional fonts and now things work fine.

Ming-hsun Wu April 26, 2008 13:13

Re: STAR-CD 3.268in Fedora 8
Hi Thomas,

Would you please let me know what you did to get Star-Cd work in Fedora 8. I am having the same error message you got when I star prostar. Thanks.


Thomas Stockheim April 28, 2008 03:43

Re: STAR-CD 3.268in Fedora 8
As I said in my second post, I just installed a bunch of fonts. I'm not sure which ones really, just install everything that matches xorg-x11-fonts and try again.

Oh, btw, I had another problem as well running calculations: They allways crash after a few steps unless I am using the -notracker option.

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