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Sachin April 22, 2008 15:44

Importing Sphere from STAR-CD
I made a sphere in Pro/E and then did save it as .stl format. I did import this geometry in .stl format in STAR-CD and it was successful. Now the imported geometry is not solid or fluid cells as expected. The spehre shows only as shells. My question is how to convert these shells into Solid or FLuid cells. Most often to convert reactangular shells into solid or liquid cells we try the VCEXTRUDE command which works fine. But here which command and how it should be used.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


allan April 22, 2008 16:34

Re: Importing Sphere from STAR-CD

why are you creating a sphere in proe and reading it into prostar? Why don't you just create a semi circle in prostar on the x-z plane with shell cells and extrude it in a cylindrical coordinate system (csys 2) into a sphere.

If you really want to do it in this way them you need to use proam to generate a volume mesh from a surface mesh.


Sachin April 22, 2008 17:54

Re: Importing Sphere from STAR-CD
Thank you for your reply allan. Actaully I do not have Pro/amm . Will now try creating semi circle. Anyways. Thanks. I will keep you updated.


Joern Beilke April 22, 2008 17:58

Re: Importing Sphere from STAR-CD
Why are you not using my macro to create the volume mesh?

Sachin April 22, 2008 19:52

Re: Importing Sphere from STAR-CD
Dear Joern, Thank for the reply. I am sorry to say that your macro gives me the error and I can not move forward due to that. I would appreciate if you would take a look into that macro again and plz run the "check utility" after you are done. I am not able to remove those errors.



Sachin April 22, 2008 20:18

Re: Importing Sphere from STAR-CD
Dear Allan,

How to extrude a semicircle in cylindrical coordiate system into a sphere.

I am new to these types of things.



Joern Beilke April 23, 2008 03:04

Re: Importing Sphere from STAR-CD
Which one does not work? The "sphere" or the "sphere in cube"?

allan April 23, 2008 03:20

Re: Importing Sphere from STAR-CD
change to the cylindrical co-ord system

csys 2


vcex <args>

when it asks for a cell range use cset,,,

Help vcex for info


allan April 23, 2008 03:21

Re: Importing Sphere from STAR-CD
ok, no problem


sachin April 23, 2008 10:37

Re: Importing Sphere from STAR-CD
Thanks for the reply Allan. I will try out that too.

Dear Joern, the " sphere" works fine. I have problem in " Sphere in Cube". I would appreciate if you could check it again. I did try my own for quite some time then I gave up. Thanks a ton ,Joern.


Joern Beilke April 23, 2008 12:17

Re: Importing Sphere from STAR-CD
What about this proposal:

Have you checked that.

sachin April 23, 2008 21:29

Re: Importing Sphere from STAR-CD
yes. I did check that comment.Thanks for your promt reply. Actually the problem is with the connectivty of the cells. In my another try I neither used solid cells nor refined any cells. All cells are fluid cells. I did increase the cells for the very first block as you suggested. The result is spehre in cube. When I run the check grid option, the error is connectivity error and it says same face orientation when I try to write geometry files.

Have you tried at your end and is that working successfully? Have you run the " check grid " to seee what is the result?

Thanks... Sachin

Andrea April 29, 2008 17:59

Re: Importing Sphere from STAR-CD
Have you tried to create a sphere from the Star-GUI 3d meshing tool panel? There you can choose a spherical csys and create a sphere at the that correct? I've tried to do that and I get a only problem is for concave cells in the heart of the model...

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