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Andrea April 29, 2008 18:09

Changing reference pressure
Hi everynody,
I've got this problem: I've just collected the results from a sim that took 10 days of calculation on a 2 CPUs PC. I've just realised that the reference pressure in the model is incorrect (it had to be 0...not 10e5!). mistake!!! Now I'm wondering if it's possible to restart the sim from the actual solution (*.pst) by changing the reference pressure...does somebody have an idea about doing this? I've tried to simply restart the sim but it seems that is doesn't work...the referece pressure is the same as the initial sim...wrong.
In the model I've also two pressure boundaries...I've tried to restart from the .pst and changing the pressure at the boundaries at the desired values (value_old-10e5) but the solution diverges after some time step... How can I save this 10 days of sim? Many thanks to all

steve May 1, 2008 04:37

Re: Changing reference pressure

If you are using 326 then you can try editing a coded post file


edit it, I think the reference pressure is at the end

in the variables "Integ var - grouped"

Save it back to binary

Does this help?


reza May 1, 2008 11:41

Re: Changing reference pressure

My idea is just edit the post register. Make a new register and just do a minus 10e5 and plot the value directly in Prostar. The reference pressure you set is just an ambient pressure so like wise in an experiment it's just an offset pressure. You should plot first the total pressure (absolute) and see if your result plausible.

Don't be too worry about this reference pressure. I've had similar problem and I managed to get rid the problem just by editing the post register.

good luck and I hope it'll help


Andrea May 15, 2008 18:20

Re: Changing reference pressure
Thank you everybody, by means of your help I solved this problem! Thank you very much!

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