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G. SE May 6, 2008 23:55

Moving Mesh Run problem - Scientific Linux
I have worked for two month cause this problem.

When I solve tut7.3(moving asi), the slover is stop with next message.


/opt/StarCD/v3260/bin/star -fork PNP: Initialized [2008-05-07-12:05:10] Automatic Sequential Automatic Parallel analyzer.

PNP: Allocated ",1" resource (1 process).

PNP: Overload STAR master processor with external moving mesh code.

PNP: Assigned ",1" to STAR solver (1 process).

PNP: Assigned ",1" to external moving mesh code (1 process).

unrecognized option or trailing garbage

usage: ps -acehjlnrsSuvwx{t|#|O[-]u[-]U..} \


--help gives you this message

--version prints version information

PNP: Loading STAR solver dynamic shared object plug-ins.

PNP: Analyzing Moving mesh events.

PNP: Starting TRACKER task on "" for monitoring host and process failures.

PNP: Spawning STAR process on single node.

STAR 3.26.000 [Victoria_171]: linux64_2.4-pgf90_5.2-glibc_2.2.5-dso



[1]: Dynamic Memory Allocated = 4 MB

*** Using FLEXlm licensing ***

License version 09-oct-2004

Checking license file: 1999@

Checking license file: /opt/StarCD/v3260/license/license.dat

Unable to list features for license file /opt/StarCD/v3260/license/license.dat.

1 copies of starsuite checked out from 1999@

Feature starsuite expires in 262 days


I set a Star-CD 3.26 at a Scientific Linux and license server is windows xp. These are connected hub.

This server runs succesfully other problem(parallel and two phase and so on) and crack version StarCD 3.26(windows)has no problem for runs moving mesh but moving mesh is failed always from Scientific Linux.

Please tell me how do I take this problem.

Joern Beilke May 7, 2008 04:46

Re: Moving Mesh Run problem - Scientific Linux
If you do the mesh movement using prostar, 2 license features are checked out. If you have just one starsuite you can not run the case in this way.

It is possible when using newxyz.f for the mesh movement.

Anton Lyaskin May 7, 2008 07:15

Re: Moving Mesh Run problem - Scientific Linux
It should be possible to run with ProSTAR mesh movement if you quit ProSTAR before running the case and start it from console.

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