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Peter Specht June 2, 2008 08:16

2D meshing capability in CCM+ in future?
Are there any plans to this? Would be great because many things are possible to model in 2D, but first 3D meshing and than calculating 2 D makes no sense because 3D meshing takes lot of time.


Jayson June 2, 2008 20:30

Re: 2D meshing capability in CCM+ in future?
I've been using the convert to 2D mesh tool a lot recently, and while it's not that bad if you make sure your mesh ends up only one cell thick, it can be rather annoying when you decide that you don't like the mesh. As far as I can tell to recreate the mesh you must reimport the geometry, create a 3D mesh, and convert it to 2D (basically start all over).

While being able to directly create a 2D mesh would be the best solution, I would be happy with being able to modify the 2D mesh after it has been converted from 3D.


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