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hwangkl June 26, 2008 04:25

star-cd licence problem?
I have star-cd v4.02 recently. when I use Prostar. I found I can not run analysis interactive. the message shows that" RUNNING CASENAME star License version 13-sep-2006 Checking license file: /apps/star-cd/license/license.dat Failed to get all licenses needed for this job. Asked for 1 licenses of starsolver|starhpc|starsuite PNP: Shutdown " When i quit prostar, the I can run STAR. Does this mean that prostar and star can not run at the same time with only one license. Thus how can I mornitering the results of running jobs? Does this my problem? or Star-CD cheating?

name June 26, 2008 10:53

Re: star-cd licence problem?
your license is restricted :) so you cant run both of them same time..

you can use may be starwatch to look at your residuals.. or you can pursue :) you result on command line..

Balduin Bankerotti June 26, 2008 11:13

Re: star-cd licence problem?

hwangkl June 29, 2008 22:36

Re: star-cd licence problem?
don't u think its a very strange license restriction? the solver cant run under it's pretreat software? that's why i say star cd cheating. i never hear such a thing.

TG June 30, 2008 09:47

Re: star-cd licence problem?
The basic entry level license is 2 starsuites meaning 2 simultaneous prostars or 2 simultaneous star solvers or one of each (or even 1 star job run in parallel with 2 cpus). Either your company was too cheap to pay the most basic entry price and they negotiated down to 1 license or you didn't get the license you should have.

hwangkl July 1, 2008 03:58

Re: star-cd licence problem?
thank u. after complain to the seller, and now i get a new lincense file. as u said, i have 2 starsuites.

mahdimorteza April 27, 2014 08:46

problem with star ccm+ license
I have faced an error after installation of star ccm+ v9.
when it is opened and I want to choose a new simulation this error can be seen:
failed to get all licenses needed for this job.ask for 1 license of campsuite.
can any body help me?

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