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sandip July 4, 2008 00:56

MRF query
I have one basic doubt for rotating flows. let's say I have to doflow analysis of a turbine. I will be having one stationary domain (stator) and one rotating domain(rotor). I am using MRF Suppose my rotor is rotating at 50000 rpm. Then am I required to apply rotation to walls of blade . My doubt is whether blade walls remain stationary or not? Is it stationary wrt rotating region? So, I can do two things. (1) Apply 0 rpm in relative frame. (2) Apply 50000 rpm in absolute frame. Which one is right?

Kindly let me know the answer.

john July 4, 2008 05:24

Re: MRF query
If you solve rotor region on the rotating frame, then the blade should have velocity relative to that frame. In your case, it is zero.

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