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SAKTI July 23, 2008 00:46

Warning 046, what does it mean?
Dear CFD masters,

I am using STAR CD 4.02, in the info file there is warning as follow :

*** Warning 046: Out of bounds value -1.7024E+05 for variable

ENTH at cell 163111. Corrective action taken.

What does it mean? is there something wrong with my calculation? anyone know how to remove it?

Thanks a lot Byan

Freeman July 31, 2008 12:14

Re: Warning 046, what does it mean?
Star solver record the highest value in your flow domain for each variable. These variables also have default setting values (max, min). The solution values should fall within this bandwidth. Sometimes, during the iterations the values might be out of this range. It should dies off before converged solution. if it persist, it means that either problem wasn't set up properly or bc values might be missing or something like that. However, if one thinks that the values are correct then (s)he can ignore the warning or change the default values. These defaults are set to be what considered "engineering/physical" reasonable values. Exx. temperature in combustion cannot be 5000K, so if there's warning in that regards, you might have some source generation terms coming from your problem or grid issue...

hope that helps!

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