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Luke T July 31, 2008 23:36

Evaporation/Condensation in StarCCM?
Hi, I'm currently using starCCM+'s multiphase model to model a thin film of water flowing down a vertical flat plate (with an air/water interface), and have successfully achieved this.

The next step in my project is to add a heat flux through the plate and model the evaporation of the water into the air. Does anyone know if StarCCM is capable of this?

I can't find anything in the help function about evaporation from heat transfer, only phase change due to cavitation. If anyone knows anything about this I would greatly appreciate the help!


Luke T

naimishharpal March 25, 2010 14:04

If you are using Lagrangian Multiphase model together with evaporation model, then you can define/set your Boundary condition like either Escape/Rebound/Evaporate. Chose 'Evaporate' and set respective parameters.

I hope that it will help you.


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