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Luke Treadwell August 5, 2008 01:28

Heat Transfer in Multiphase Models (Star CCM+)
Hi all,

Have been able to setup and run multiphase models without any problems (without heat transfer), however whenever I try to use the multi-phase heat transfer model for simple heat flux through a wall I get ridiculous results, with no apparent heat transfer through the wall.

Can anyone help please? Cheers,

Luke T

mk_mat September 7, 2008 10:43

Re: Heat Transfer in Multiphase Models (Star CCM+)
Have you defined "Interface" between different components i.e. solid and fluid?!

Luke Treadwell September 7, 2008 20:14

Re: Heat Transfer in Multiphase Models (Star CCM+)
Yeah I had the interface defined between the phases, I eventually got some ok results for heat transfer from the wall into the water by setting the min allowable temp and max allowable temp to around about what I was expecting. I still couldn't get the heat transfer to happen between the water and the air, but this could be due to the fact that the version of CCM+ I was using was one of the first to have multi-phase with heat transfer, and so may not have had all the bugs sorted for multi-phase heat transfer.

I ended up going to a fluid-only model and using a slip wall as the interface (I'm now assuming that it is a laminar flow which doesn't change thickness). The evaporation will be found using the average temperature at the slip wall.

Thanks for your help!

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