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Jay August 7, 2008 22:10

spray angle calculation

In the Huh's model, spray angle is calculated automatically.

There is equations about spray angle in the methodology.

but nothing about the time scale of wave growth(Tau w).

I cannot get the exact spray angle.

anyone give me hint?? plz


Andrea August 13, 2008 10:34

Re: spray angle calculation
In Huh's atomization model you have:
Atomization-time-scale = C3 * Turbulent-time-scale + C4 * Wave-growth-time-scale.
This latter is computed as ((ro*ro_fuel/(ro+ro_fuel)^2)*(cd/Lw)^2-sigma_f/((ro+ro_fuel)*Lw^3))^(-0.5)
where ro = density (air has no subscript), cd = fluid velocity at injector outlet, Lw = C1/C2 * Turbulent-legth-scale(time varying...!). I think it's pretty complicated to have all the data to verify the code computation...if you want I can give you values of costant C1,2,3,4...

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