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SAKTI September 10, 2008 03:20

Porous CHT
Dear All masters,

I want to simulate the conjungated heat transfer effect of solid in the porous media, the STARCD 4 provide that tools. I tried to follow the user guide (page 6-4) step by step, but it doest not clear. Do I have to make another cell represent the solid of the porous media? please if anyone have an example to use the porous CHT feature.

elias November 11, 2008 18:40

Re: Porous CHT
You have to create a cell type for the solid material. Moreover, all walls (not the default wall and sym wall) needs a duplicate boundary. Then create a porous couple of walls and duplicate walls. The rest is staightforward.

SAKTI February 8, 2009 21:01

Re: Porous CHT
Hi Elias,

Does it mean that I have to make another domain which is defined as solid beside the domain for the porous medium right?


SAKTI February 9, 2009 03:05

Re: Porous CHT
Hi, I managed to create the CHT feature, but I still have some question.

If I dont heat the solid boundary, the temperature in the solid will stay in initial condition (293 K), I was hoping that the heat from the fluid flow will affect the solid temperature. But if I put a temperature boundary at the solid, STARCD will calculate the temperature in the solid and it will affect the temperature in the fluid.

Is it true that the CHT feature is only can be used for temperature transfer from the solid to fluid not from fluid to solid?

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