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Joe Biden October 6, 2008 18:06

cd(adapco) is doing very well
the CD side anyway. They had the good idea to register the company in Hatfield (Herfordshire) because London is too expensive. Below are some numbers:

Sales per Employee () is going down (may be there are more employees):

2007 149,864 \

2006 197,462 \

2005 206,433 \

2004 219,763 \

2003 227,205 \

but the average employee remuneration over 154 employees is much higher than the rest of the industry:

Average Employee Remuneration ():

cd(-adapco) 54,532

CFD Industry

low 20,233

median 34,119

high 49,535

Average Sales per Employee () :149,864

while the rest of the Industry:

low 43,885

median 78,454

high 130,218

it means cd-adapco employees work much better or efficiently than the rest of the industry. The wages are about 30-36% of the sales.

Employees Remuneration growth rate(%) is high:

1year 17.6

2years 21.3

3y 35.1

4y 45.3

The distribution around those averages are not known but they must have a large bonus this Christmas. If their sales performances are this high they actually deserve it.

The managers have made the employees work well. It is good of them to publish the results.


Steve October 7, 2008 04:34

Re: cd(adapco) is doing very well
Nice work. Where do the "industry" figures come from? Are they for the CFD industry or for the simulation industry as a whole?

Gordon Brown October 7, 2008 07:48

Re: cd(adapco) is doing very well
Interesting info. CD doing well: always has been! Christmas Bonus: no! stopped by new boss already! Average Employee Remuneration 54,532: probably greatly inflated by numberous VPs and Directors like banks. Future: bright, has a European owner?

Mike October 10, 2008 22:04

Re: cd(adapco) is doing very well
You may be surprised to know that CD-adapco has a fairly "flat" organizational structure, at least on the engineering and development side of things (i.e., VPs under the CEO, managers under the VPs, "senior" and entry level employees under the mangers). I wouldn't attribute these numbers to CD being a top heavy organization.

I'd be curious to know how big their development staff is, relative to other similar companies.

Darren October 15, 2008 18:13

Re: cd(adapco) is doing very well
What I noticed from the numbers is that the rest of the industry reinvest about 43-44% of the sales into employee remuneration but the cd-adapco only reinvest 36.4%. Although it seems more difficult for the other companies saleswise and from the comments above on who gets the bonuses they would less likely qualify for the label "Investor in people":(

It seems more respectable for a company to reinvest a larger proportion in the employees although they have lesser revenue.


User November 7, 2008 09:13

Re: cd(adapco) is doing very well
In long term, I think CD-Adapco has a big risk in CFD industry.

The strength of CD-Adapco is due to its application to automotive industry. However ccm+ which is a new package is merely suitable for external flow.

CD-Adapco does seem not interested to further develop STAR-CD which is one of the strong CFD package in engine simulation.

In this case, I didn't see any strength of the products in term of performace and cost.

Steve November 9, 2008 15:06

Re: cd(adapco) is doing very well
"The strength of CD-Adapco is due to its application to automotive industry. However ccm+ which is a new package is merely suitable for external flow."

Says who? I've seen many, many, internal flow simulations using ccm+. Do you think that the only CFD applications in the automotive industry are engine simulations? STAR-CD is, and will continue to be, the strongest engine simulation tool on the market. ccm+ is being used for all of the other automotive simulations - aerodynamics, vehicle thermal management, cabin comfort, acoustics, and in many other industries than automotive.


User November 10, 2008 06:05

Re: cd(adapco) is doing very well
as i know, engine is still the main investigation in automotive industry. one of the star-cd founder is an expert in engine combustion simulation.

there is many other applications in automotive industry. but it has no different to use Fluent to simulate. for my opinion, gambit is still the best mesh generator for general purpose cfd simulation.

this is the core competitiveness i mean.

Steve November 10, 2008 06:24

Re: cd(adapco) is doing very well
You are welcome to your opinion, but:

If you are suggesting that gambit is the best mesh generator on the market for general purpose cfd simulation, then you clearly haven't used STAR-CCM+.

If you think that engine simulation is the dominant application in the automotive industry (in terms of CPUs and therefore license revenue)then you clearly haven't worked in the auto industry.

User November 10, 2008 06:40

Re: cd(adapco) is doing very well
thank you for your emotional conclusions.

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