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donde October 8, 2008 13:19

fan modeling in Star-CD?
Would you inform me does Star-CD models the fan? Say, for the problem of incompressible flow in a duct with fan. (In Fluent there is internal boundary condition named "fan")

ab October 8, 2008 15:03

Re: fan modeling in Star-CD?
You can use a body force fan, rotating reference frame, or sliding mesh. Which one you choose depends mostly on the number of blades on the fan.

It sounds like you want a body force fan, which is simply a momentum source which can be added in the star guide.

Tom October 8, 2008 16:08

Re: fan modeling in Star-CD?
Better off using Star-CCM+, its a lot easier to do and you can easily use a fan curve to specify the source.

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