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paul October 9, 2008 17:08

star-cd error?
When I launch star-cd solver (star406.exe) I have a Windows message about error 0xc000000142. All other function as prostar, ecc work well. Somebody has an idea? I'm running star-cd 4.0 on windows XP HE. Thank you.

Wei October 10, 2008 10:34

Re: star-cd error?
I faced window system error as well when operating at a window XP platform. The system error occurs a few times when:

1) save a mesh created in old version STAR-CD; 2) ocassionally when using proam

I was being recommended to use Linux operating platform. As I know, STAR-CD was developed based on Linux platform.

Donald October 10, 2008 14:12

Re: star-cd error?
on windows always use the star-shell to check problems.

The problem might come from the starlaunch which is not good.

open Help -> STAR-shell and run star from there as you would on linux

paul October 12, 2008 16:49

Re: star-cd error?
tried using star-shell but i've got same error... i've also uninstalled and reinstalled star-cd but no changes... always the same message..

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